Thursday, November 6, 2008

Winter is Here...Time for Rudy Project

Klonyx™BLOW OUT SALE...$70.00
Unifying seamlessly advanced design technology and materials science, the Klonyx blends cutting edge ergonomic features with maximum peripheral vision. The unique, removable Nose-Protector™ ensures additional protection for snow enthusiasts while ensuring total breath ability. The removable optical insert can handle a wide range of prescription correction factors to ensure optimal vision at any altitude.
This high-resolution red equalizer filter guarantees total protection from UV rays and exhalts the definition of outlines contributing to the reduction of reaction time. Our DL Technology prevents fogging thanks to an insulative thermal barrier created by a sealed internal chamber. Ideal under poor lighting, poor visibility (haze or fog) or flat light conditions, this filter renders optimal eye protection and excellent visual clarity on sunny days.
Frame Colors:
Black Gloss, Platinum, White Pearl, Tactics, Orange Fluo and Steel Velvet

Lens Colors:
Kayvon Red™ DL, Laser Bronze DL, Laser Silver DL and Laser Sky DL

BLOW OUT SALE...$70.00
Rudy Project, Details, Description

Jodie McAllister ABOC
East Millcreek Eyewear
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sarah Palin Eyewear FOUND HERE!

East Millcreek Eyewear is a Salt Lake City, Utah local store front. We have the Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear collection, which is the authentic brand of eyewear Sarah Palin most commonly wears. The distinctive frame is the 704 series, the temple color is the grey #34, and the custom lens shape is the SP51 (for Sarah Palin).

For all the Salt Lake City locals...You actually can just walk down to our local eyeglass frame store and pick them up!

Our address is 3203 South 2300 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84109.

We specialize in many hard to find designer frames...ALL of which are 100% authentic.
You can visit our website and call or email to order. There is actually quite a selection Kazuo Kawasaki offers and all lens shapes can be customized just the way you like them!

We still have a few in stock if you are trying to get them before Christmas...but you better hurry!!

Visit our website, email, or call to find out more about how we can
customize a frame for you.

Jodie McAllister, Owner

East Millcreek Eyewear

[W] 801.485.5820